Iraqi Muslim Children and American Christian Child

Iraqi Muslim Children and American Christian Child
There are terrorist organizations working inside America. Ask your Congressman or Senator who they support; Terrorist sponsors or America???

Monday, December 28, 2009

Muslim Brotherhood Material

Do you want to know why Islamic terrorists murder 3000 innocent people (11 Sept. 2001), behead people, slit their throats, kill U.S. military (in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in Texas), stone women and children, marry young girls to adults, routinely kill Jewish people, and many more atrocious crimes against humanity? If you do then go to my new site at (Muslim Mafia International)
I will be adding thousands of materials pertaining to the above crimes that I have obtained from numerous Islamic Centers across America. The answer to why some innocent young Muslims turn into terrorists is simple. Many are taught from a very young age to commit violence and spread hatred. Review the materials for yourselves and you will come to the same conclusion. Respectfully, dave g...

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