Iraqi Muslim Children and American Christian Child

Iraqi Muslim Children and American Christian Child
There are terrorist organizations working inside America. Ask your Congressman or Senator who they support; Terrorist sponsors or America???

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An American supports America and not Terrorist Groups

Consider the following and without political correctness determine if the following is accurate:
1. Islamic based terrorist organizations have killed many of our military personnel and thousands of innocent men, women, and children worldwide. Islamic terror groups will target anyone who opposes their ideology and who oppress them from meeting their objectives. This includes people from all religions (to include Muslims who do not support their goals), Democrats, Republicans, anyone from any profession, and even young innocent children.
2. There is an abundance of evidence in our book 'Muslim Mafia' revealing there are active Islamic based terrorist groups and people operating within our country.

Therefor anyone should come to the conclusion that if any person in the U.S., organization, media, politician, attorney, law enforcement officer, supports a terrorist group by providing them funds, speeches or articles supporting them, time, manpower or through any other method, then they are assisting a terrorist group who condones and advocates killing our 'troops' in Iraq and Afghanistan and conducting terrorist actions against our country.
If a person provides 'support' to a terrorist group they are essentially calling for violence toward our children. Can anyone be called an American who supports harming innocent children and our country? There are many people who call themselves American, but in reality they are anti-American and in my humble opinion should leave our country. You can't support a terrorist organization and be an American at the same time... Respectfully, Dave G.

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