Iraqi Muslim Children and American Christian Child

Iraqi Muslim Children and American Christian Child
There are terrorist organizations working inside America. Ask your Congressman or Senator who they support; Terrorist sponsors or America???

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dozens of Muslim Children Killed in Iraq: Who supports the murderers of these innocent children? CAIR and several of your elected officials provide material and comfort to Al Qaeda (America's Enemy)

Mohammed Odeh Al-Rehaeif and Dave Gaubatz shortly after our return from Iraq in 2003. M. Rehaief rescued Private Jessica Lynch and subsequently wrote a book, "Because Each Life is Precious). His family are true examples of Muslim people who do consider each life as being precious. This is unlike CAIR and their supporters. CAIR supports the same group (Al Qaeda) that just killed dozens of innocent Muslim children in Iraq yesterday. CAIR executives and their main supporters from Dar Al Hijrah use the same study materials Al Qaeda uses to train their 'martyrs'. Anything I write or speak can be verified and CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood) know this. Never before have they ever encountered anyone who knows how to play their game beteer than they do. One difference I do it legally. Dave G..

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